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2009/05/25 11:34:41 (permalink)


This has been a tough year for alot of guys i know and a few on here.What was going on this year that made this birds so tough????????????????????????

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    RE: TOUGH YEAR 2009/05/25 12:09:05 (permalink)
    not tough for me...i hunt new york mostly...but the past 3 days i bet ive heard more gobbling than i have in the past 4 weeks.  i saw 3 gobblers saturday. a gobbler yesterday. and 2 gobblers today..never got a clean shot a one of them.  i have aweek left in NY and i hope it pays off..i had 4 birds blowing the woods apart about 60 yds away and i couldnt see their was fun..again

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    RE: TOUGH YEAR 2009/05/26 17:55:25 (permalink)
    Heard a bird blowing leaves off the trees on Saturday. Funny thing was that I was on Pymatuning and he was on Clark island, in the middle of the lake!
    It was 11:00 AM and a hen was also going bonkers. Problem was I was fishing, LOL.....
    Due to my work schedule, I unfortunately only hunted 2 mornings. All my buds killed 1 or 2 birds, wasn't too bad up here according to them.
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    RE: TOUGH YEAR 2009/05/28 23:37:07 (permalink)
    Spring came late.  Gobblers stayed together much later and were hened up later.  The last week was AWESOME.......
    The second thing making it tough is the second tag.....Used to be that by the middle of the second week almost everyone is out of the woods.  Now those guys who are serious, or good, or lucky enough to bag early, are back out there.
    That is one of the biggest reasons I am against the second tag.  The least enjoyable part of spring gobbler is hunter interference, and this tag effectively doubles it (in regard to certain areas).

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    RE: TOUGH YEAR 2009/05/29 22:16:35 (permalink)
    Not really,4 hours in the woods,called in 4 LB,my son and I each killed one by 6:15,all birds had hens with them.
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    RE: TOUGH YEAR 2009/05/30 08:03:04 (permalink)
    Turkey hunting is easy-------once you find the right bird on the right day without someone else working the same bird-------- sometimes doing that takes all season.
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    RE: TOUGH YEAR 2009/05/30 23:58:20 (permalink)
    It was tough for me cause I got poison ivy in the first week, and didn't get out again until the last.
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