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2009/05/21 21:14:12 (permalink)


Anyone use Berkley power worms, or any rubber worm at that, under the float for steel? 

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    RE: P-dub 2009/05/22 15:10:13 (permalink)
    I do.
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    RE: P-dub 2009/05/23 13:41:34 (permalink)
    yes,and it works great for stockies and smallies.
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    RE: P-dub 2009/05/23 17:57:33 (permalink)
    Just used those this year after fishing a muddy river and they work great for me
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    RE: P-dub 2009/05/23 23:39:45 (permalink)
    i've had great luck with them for stockies... still haven't got a steelie to take them but i know they catch them... seen guys have good success with them.

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    RE: P-dub 2009/06/01 15:19:13 (permalink)
    In the past year I've caught about 1/2 dozen good sized trout on the "Gulp" worms (small imitation red worms) on the Yough.   I am almost always fishing 2 or more hooks and constantly messing with red worms, wax worms (when in season), meal worms, maggots, salmon eggs, egg sacks, salted minnows, live minnows, and chartreuse dyed nightcrawlers and green power bait and orange power bait. I will generally bait up with about 1/3 of a night crawler.  In my opinion 70% of my fish are caught on the red worms, red worm imitations, live minnows, and dyed nightcrawlers.  Once in a great while the fish will develop an affinity for maggots and wax worms and when they do it seems they want nothing else.  But that is seldom, so I end up carrying those baits far more than I should.   The redworm imitations are almost as good as the real thing as far as first strikes but I don't think that trout like to hit them repeatedly.
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    RE: P-dub 2009/06/11 16:14:19 (permalink)
    Hey Jim,
    I used those in a smokey red for salt water off the shore. No weight used... just the worm. The fish killed that color bait. Slow retrieve with an occasional twitch. Always my saltwater go to bait.  Eric
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    RE: P-dub 2009/06/24 11:04:30 (permalink)
    Havent used them on my CP yet, but have taken plenty of steel with the regular trout worms sold by Erie baitstores.
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