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2009/04/06 02:02:13 (permalink)


Anybody practice at long range? I practice at 30, 40, and sometiimes 50 yards or more? I don't hunt at those ranges, but it makes a 25 yrd shot in the woods see like a chipshot. I have 2 sets of sights for my bow practice and huntin'. my pracice sights have a 20yrd up to a 50 yard pin. Then when deer season rolls around i swap sights for my single pin 30 sight . Check it then I'm ready to role. 1  30 yrd pin covers point blank to 35 yrds.

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    RE: ANYBODY PRACTICE AT LONG RANGE? 2009/04/07 10:50:48 (permalink)
    yeah sure, sometimes.  40 yards I'll practice at.  I shoot at 50+ at 3D's.  About it.

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    RE: ANYBODY PRACTICE AT LONG RANGE? 2009/04/07 14:56:01 (permalink)
    The better you shoot at long distances by practicing at those lengths, the better you will shoot at closr range.  You'd be surprised how your accuracy will increase at actual "hunting" distances from practicing at longer ranges.  You have to be a lot steadier at 50 or 60 yds to hit the target.

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