crossbow sales

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2009/03/20 10:21:30 (permalink)

crossbow sales

Was at the archery shop yesterday and was talking with the owner about how many crossbows he has sold...Zero...Says he will not carry them in stock but if someone wants to order one he will..
No one has even asked..There are 75 teams in the DART league that we shoot in...That's over 150 people a week through the door a week..Not seeing much interest yet here....
Yet he is selling 2-6 bows per week..

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    RE: crossbow sales 2009/03/20 11:09:56 (permalink)
    I don't believe we're (PA) going to see the 60% crossbow / 40% bow participation in archery season like Ohio.  At least anytime soon.   I know alot of guys that are getting one, and I know many that said they will, but probably will not.

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    RE: crossbow sales 2009/03/20 12:14:11 (permalink)
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    I don't believe we're (PA) going to see the 60% crossbow / 40% bow participation in archery season like Ohio. 

    Probably be a long time before that happens.  There is alot of interest right now but few I know have made the purchase.  My local Gander Mountain has all the crossbows one could want.  Was talking to the sales guy there and he said alot have been looking but dropping the cash right now is difficult for many. 
    One crossbow maker I was talking to anticipates 38,000 new crossbow users this fall, according to their business models. I don't know.  Will be interesting to find out though. 

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    RE: crossbow sales 2009/03/20 21:14:04 (permalink)
    bings:  Most of those guys that go to that shop already have bows.  Have you heard of anyone who is considering switching from a regular bow to a xbow?  I only know one guy who is doing that and it is for medical reasons.  I think most of the new xbow hunters will be rifle guys who want to take advantage of the expanded opportunity without having to put in the work required to become proficient with a regular bow.  Most regular bow hunters will probably keep doing what they have been doing.  That's the plan at my house.
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