New centerpin

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RE: New centerpin 2009/02/20 19:41:47 (permalink)
Here you go Carp...hope it helps.

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RE: New centerpin 2009/02/20 21:31:00 (permalink)
Yeah that looks pretty much identical to mine. I'd just clean and oil the way I decribed in my last post. Also put a small amount of grease on what I call the ratchet gear you see on the back of the spool (not sure of the proper term).
I bet you're dying to get it out on the water. Just be sure to occasionally check the lock nut that attaches the spool to the backplate for tightness. I'm sure they have corrected the problem on the new models,  but on some of the older models the dang thing has a knack for coming loose at the worst time. Like when you are thigh deep in a creek. Never happened to me, but I always put a little bit of teflon tape on the threads every time I disassemble it.
Have fun with the new toy Paul!
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RE: New centerpin 2009/02/21 01:46:26 (permalink)
Shoot T-bug a p.m. and see if he installed the clicker up grade. If not, contact Bill Shear, a kingpin rep that is awsome. He will take care of you. He sent me mine and I installed it very easily. Now my clicker is sweet.
Also the back screw on them likes to actualy tighten it's self so you cant hand untighten it. I put a small dab of grease on the screw itself and it is much better. Also as mentioned a dab on the moving clicker parts is good to prevent rubbing.
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RE: New centerpin 2009/03/18 08:19:29 (permalink)
Very cool. Just picked up my Kingpin 4.5 "Regal" Series II reel.
Great looking reel. Congrats!!!
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