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2009/01/24 19:27:04 (permalink)


I'm wondering where everyone who is trapping or calling is taking they're pelts/frozens. I ask because I heard the price went up and may put some steel in the ground (for other than hogs) and run the call again. I'm from the Butler area and am curious to see what you guys might know.
PS - Looking at yote, fox, coon, rats primarily.

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    RE: Trapping? 2009/01/24 21:44:32 (permalink)
    smitty, check this site out.  also, stanfords up in atlantic pa. (rt 18)is buying the last i heard.               
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    RE: Trapping? 2009/01/25 21:22:16 (permalink)
    Grey fox went in the crapper last year.
    Coon about 3 or 4 years ago.
    Rats about 2 years ago. Rats are closed for the season anyway.
    Yotes are always a crap shoot in PA.
    I took a few yotes to a buyer a couple years ago. He offered me $15 average for them....
    I told him no thanks and shipped them to NAFA. I should've sold to him and that's all I'll say about that.
    With the economy the way it is the fur industry is being real picky.
    You better know how to put up your own furs. A lot of buyers aren't wasting their time or money into furs that aren't put up.
    Ohhhh and after you skin and flesh your first yote you may not want to catch another. Power winches work great for the stinky yodel dogs.
    I did very little trapping this year because it just wasn't worth the money to do it. $20-30 in gas a day to catch $10-20 a day, if lucky, in fur just wasn't worth the effort.
    Now if I could've kept the bobcats and the fisher I caught, in the limited trapping I did, I might've done a lot more trapping.
    Hopefully the fur market makes a turnaround shortly.

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