Ted Nugent on Pa. crossbows

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2009/01/17 11:54:28 (permalink)

My rifle is a black rifle

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    RE: Ted Nugent on Pa. crossbows 2009/01/17 12:09:57 (permalink)
    Are they considered archery equipment in Michigan where he lives????

    "There is a pleasure in Angling that no one knows but the Angler himself". WB

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    RE: Ted Nugent on Pa. crossbows 2009/01/17 12:21:24 (permalink)
    Read the question and answer carefully. doesn't sound like full inclusion to me.
    Do you agree with allowing crossbow use during bow season?
    I believe crossbows should be legal for all legal hunters from the opening day of firearms season 11-15 thru the end of all deer seasons. I also agree with the professional biologists that MI & most states bow season should begin 9-1 & go thru 2-1 of the following year with baglimits appropriate to regional balance needs. I believe that QDM should be decided region by region by a vote by the licensed hunters. There is no doubt that our deer herd would improve dynamically & hunt opps would as well. Godbless the BloodBrothers, Ted
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    RE: Ted Nugent on Pa. crossbows 2009/01/17 20:25:15 (permalink)
    Who cares, he's not a good representative of any hunters I know to propose as someone they/I are like as hunters. Anyone get Keith Warren or Babe Winlkleman's thoughts either?
    I could care less about either of their opinions since they don't hunt here in PAn but only at fenced operations for big bucks$$$$$.
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