Siglon question

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2008/12/09 19:21:58 (permalink)

Siglon question

Just started float fishing and have not purchased a pin reel yet. I am using a 2500 spinning reel and having trouble with line twist. I put some new line on the reel today. To try and avoid twist I fix the line to a swivel attached to a fixed object and walk out the line. I then attach to my reel and reel in. When I got to the end the twist was incredible. It snarled up all over the rod tip. I had to walk the line back out and stop periodically as I reeled in line to allow it to untwist at the swivel. Is this a property of the siglon line? I've never experienced this before. It seems that just reeling in the line creates twist. Help

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    RE: Siglon question 2008/12/19 09:02:41 (permalink)
    i use siglon FF on my spinning reel and dont have much of a problem. when spooling your reel lay the spool of line on the floor. u  want the line to come off the spool the opposite way it is going on your reel. then while you r fishing hook your float to the siglon main line then tie a tiny swivel(like size 22) then run your Pline leader. and hold line tight when putting on spool.
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    RE: Siglon question 2008/12/19 10:28:58 (permalink)
    Good advise by akita, but try this also: Before spooling I like to submerge the entire spool of line in moderately hot water. Doing so seems to reduce/eliminate the memory  coming off the spool. You will still notice the memeory twist on your first few casts when fishing, but it will soon dissapear (takes longer in cold weather).  
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    RE: Siglon question 2008/12/19 21:13:13 (permalink)
    i thought u were old school? Just spray your spool with wd40, reel magic, or cookingspray.

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