Lovin the snow..

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RE: Lovin the snow.. 2008/11/24 12:46:26 (permalink)

You like that heater bodt suit?  Do you use it while rifle hunting?  On the ground?  How does that work?

I got it last year for christmas. I figured for rifle and second season it would be worth its weight in diamonds. I had both of my deer by the first tuesday last year so I didn't get a chance to try it out in the second season. I have taken it out on a handful of colder days in archery season. I wore my underarmor cold gear pants and shirt, my camo pants, and my light archery camo jacket on the way to my stand. Then put on my long sleeve camoshirt when I got to my stand. Slid in the suit and it kept me very warm while on stand. All days I was out with it were temps 35-45. I will be using it in rifle season this year as well.  It traps body heat inside the suit and will not let it out (Until you get out of it to take your shot. Even then your legs and waist are still covered.). Whenever you see a deer you can just push on the front of the suit and the zipper comes down and the suit falls away from the body. So you can shoot with a bow without interference. I have hunted from the ground and my ladder stand with it. The ground is certainly easier to hunt with it as you won't have the space restrictions you do with a tree stand. In my ladder stand it takes up a good deal of space when i'm in it but not enough that it would effect my ability to shoot anything. It does come with a saftey belt that you use with the suit as they promote its ability to be used in the treestand. I just haven't been brave enough to try it with the climber.

1. It will absolutely keep you warm. (If you feel it doesn't they return your money)
2. It hides your movements inside the suit.
3. Its light weight.
4. Wind will not go through it.
5. If you waterproof it you can wear it in the rain and be warm and dry.
6. Saves you money from not having to buy hand warmers anymore.
7. Have not had a deer spook with me trying to get out of it. It really doesn't take anymore time to stand up and grab your bow. When I stand up i just push forward on the inside of it and it opens and falls away from your arms so your free to shoot, then just grab your bow and your ready to roll.
8. If you see a deer while walking back in it makes an excellent gun rest.

1. Price
2. It would take up alot of space in a climber I would think.
3. It is another thing to carry.
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RE: Lovin the snow.. 2008/11/24 14:06:39 (permalink)
Ive found four new stands since the snow fell with absolute ditches for deer trails. Public land with virtually no usage.
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