Got a new guy hooked

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2008/11/17 17:54:07 (permalink)

Got a new guy hooked

On saturday I introduced a friend to turkey hunting. I started him deer hunting last year, and so far he has been successful with both a gun and a bow. I figured turkey hunting should be the next step...
So, we went to a spot were he said he saw a flock fly up to roost the night before while he was archery hunting. I figured we could get there before they flew down, and bust 'em up. Then, when I called one back I would give him the first shot, and then I would later call one in for myself. He didn't have a good turkey gun, so I let him carry my benelli, which he had practiced with.
When we made it up the mountain to the spot he saw them roost it was just starting to get light, and was so foggy we could barely see 20 yards in front of us.  Sure enough after standing there a while, about 75 yards away, we heard a soft yelp in the trees. We walked over and just as planned, the turkeys flew everywhere. We started walking in the general direction I watched a solo hen fly off to, and before we even walked 40 yards, one started kee kee'n less than 100 yards away. I have no idea why the bird was so close and calling already, other than it may have flown down just before we busted up the flock, and didn't see us because of the fog.
He got set up, and I sat against a tree behind him. I made a kee kee run, and right away got an answer.  I called a few more times, the hen aswered, and when I thought it was getting close, I shut up. About 1 minute later, 2 hens appeared through the fog and brush at about 20 yards. I figured there was no way he could miss this shot. When he finally saw them, he swung the gun too fast, and scared them. One flew away, and the other started running directly away. He took a shot at the one running away, and missed. He was bummed.
I told him not to worry, that we could wait a while, then try for another bird. About 20 minutes later. We did just that. Once again, we had a bird on the way, and when it seemed pretty close, I got quiet. I first saw it when it was about 50yards away. I told him to shoot as soon as he had a shot, as that gun with a 3.5" shell can kill a turkey at 50 yards no problem. Well, I don't know why, but he froze while the hen started moving off to his left, and he did not follow it with the gun. All at once, he swung the gun toward the bird, and it flew off. His second chance was blown. He looked back at me with the saddest face i've ever seen. I couldn't stop laughing.
Once again, I told him not to worry, and in a few more minutes there was another bird calling in the distance. We got set up, which merely involved him setting on the opposite side of the tree he was against, and me getting behind him against a different tree. It took a while, but this bird finally came close after doing a half-circle around us. I said to him quietly, "just stay calm, and move slowly if you have to". He gave me the thumbs up. Soon after, the bird made an appearance about 60 yards away, came a little closer, and after not seeing another hen, walked off. I don't believe it gave him any kind of reasonable shot, so he kept his cool, and didn't shoot.
It then started to rain, hard, and we decided that since we were in the middle of a scattered flock, that we should stick it out. The turkeys shut up, but I figure they'd start calling again just as soon as the rain stopped. They did just that.
We heard one cackle over 100yards away, so tried to cut the distance in half, and get set up. After getting set up, I called, it answered. I was soaked, cold, and shivering, and was hoping he'd seal the deal on this one. It sounded like it was on the way, since it's calls got louder and louder, then it started raining again. The turkey shut up, but I figured maybe it was still on the way. About 10 minutes later, it showed up with 2 friends. When it did, he was shivering so bad, from being cold and soaked, he was once again busted.
We both started laughing uncontrollably, and decided to throw in the towel. Now,all he can talk about is turkey hunting. He went to the store on sunday and bought himself some calls to learn to use, even though he can't use them til spring. I can't wait to see how nervous he gets with a big gobbler stutting in front of him.
If there's anything more exciting than killing a deer or turkey on your own, it's got to be watching a newcomer kill one (or come very close to it).

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    RE: Got a new guy hooked 2008/11/17 18:15:55 (permalink)
    Sit next to this guy before he goes crazy !! LOL... That's why it's called huntin !!!! Good Luck !!!
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    RE: Got a new guy hooked 2008/11/17 21:58:40 (permalink)
    Im gonna give it a whirl this week.

    I remember once i took a climb up over the ridge at moms when i didnt have time to get out for archery... drake you know what thats like...strait up. Well, I busted a flock and killed a bird. I called my buddy and he came over the next day. The turkeys were on the other ridge across the road which at the time was posted. I figured I could bring them back. I start calling, the birds start coming. Next thing I know a harley comes ripn down the hill. Ended that. It was fun though.
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    RE: Got a new guy hooked 2008/11/18 10:51:16 (permalink)
    Great story. Having been that "rookie" myself once, the fever only gets intensifies with experience. The absolute thrill of calling in a bird is exceeded only by the joy of teaching a new hunter the same experience.
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