large shiners

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2007/06/01 13:45:57 (permalink)

large shiners

hi, i'm coming up from pittsburgh to fish the bay, and i was wondering if anyone has any info on getting some nice size shiners or even minnows around there? last time up we stopped at bac right at the park entrance and got some emerals, but they were so small ( like an inch long lol ) and was looking for something bigger. thanks for any suggestions. hope everyone has a great weekend

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    RE: large shiners 2007/06/01 14:55:08 (permalink)
    Most places near erie sell emerald shiners and they arent usually very big. any bait shop near the burg should have golden shiners and they should be 3-5 inches long. most places around the area get there shiners from the same wholesaler so it shouldnt vary much.
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    RE: large shiners 2007/06/02 01:29:39 (permalink)
    Chances are(correct me if im wrong) you won't be able to find many shiners if any due to VHS. Best chance is go to a local creek and net a few if you're really desperate.


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