Bad start to year

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2008/10/08 09:25:12 (permalink)

Bad start to year

Ok well I will start out to tell ya that I spent ALL SUMMER scouting bought two cameras and LOTS of food and stuff for the deer, first year that I accually scouted, usually I just go out and hope for deer to come by, My friend and I decided to lease 100 acres in the middle of no were, no roads boarder the property, I set up cameras had like 2 pictures in a week, went the store and bought some Deer Cain, put it on the ground and left came back NEXT day had 26 pictures on One camera dled them and started fresh came back next day 96 pictures, watched all these deer all summer long, turns out 1 9pter 4 different 8pters and some other scrubs, some really nice does, sounds great right you don't understand how happy and excited I was a week before season as anybody ready this would be. 5 days before first day I headed to the woods to check camera for last time before season, I decided to take wife and kids for a nice family walk, I get to the logging road that takes me to the land notice two markers on either side that I didn't remember but didn't think anything about it, as I got to the top of the hill WOW was I in for a surprise, the company that I leased from decided that it was the best time to do there select cutting and guess where they started you got it right in front of my stand and of cource they used the little opening that was my shoting spot as a landing for there trees, WOW was I very very very upset because I heard from the other guy that I leased with that they were going to do it, but they told him 2 weeks before that they would wait till next year to do it, so I walked up and dled the camera pics and well the 9pt was still there one day after they had started, all summer I would average about 40 or 50 pics in a 5 day period, they are still on the property but on the other side and I am lucky if I have gotten 10 pics since they started, I was in my stand Saturday from 6am till dark got out of stand once from 1130 till 1230 and then Tuesday I was in stand from 6am till 9am and guess how many deer I saw 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 not even off in the distance running or anything sorry to annoy you but wow what a start 

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    RE: Bad start to year 2008/10/08 11:00:16 (permalink)
    That sucks.....
    I had nearly the same thing happen about 8 or 9 years ago, when the ground surrounding my own, was leased to a logging company. Of course, they didn't start clear cutting until 2 weeks before season, and it continued for an entire year. The hunting that year, and the following was poor, although I did manage a doe or 2. Now, with a clear-cut surrounding a lot or our property, we have the best hunting that we have ever had.
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    RE: Bad start to year 2008/10/08 11:01:22 (permalink)
    lol, i had a similair thing happen... i scouted this spot a good part of the summer. I didnt get to hunt the first day and the monday after.. i was pumped to go out last night...and when i got to my spot i was greeted with posted signs... turns out the week before season some kid was riding his quad on the property and wrecked it pretty bad.. Talked to an old guy that lived down the road from my spot.. that is how i found that out.. the old guy said that the kid died and the quad got stuck in a tree about 15 ft off the ground.. so that tells me the kid was going to darn fast.... the guy told me that the owner posted it because of this.. what really sucks is it took me four years to find this spot and now i am stuck huntin old spots that i would be lucky to see one deer a night.. it is coming down to that you pretty much have to get your own chunk of land if you want to hunt and not end up on the game lands with everyone else..
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    RE: Bad start to year 2008/10/08 12:51:22 (permalink)
    I hung a lock on at the edge of a corn field 2 months before season had 3 good 8 points coming to the field every night.Went down two weeks before season to make sure there patterns didn't change.All i found was a drilling truck drilling wells right under my lock on.That wasn't bad enough want up to pull my stand and the bastards stole my climbing stick.They probably would of stole the whole stand but a had it and the top stick cable down.
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    RE: Bad start to year 2008/10/08 14:32:12 (permalink)
    I've hunted 3 days and saw 1 deer.
    Pulled my cameras sunday and had more pictures of hunters than deer..Seems kinda funny been running cameras in this woods for 3 months not 1 picture of some one scouting..
    Now I get pictures of 3 different hunters and a new stand appears 60 yds away from mine.Cutting me off..
    Can't buy a break out here on public land...

    "There is a pleasure in Angling that no one knows but the Angler himself". WB

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    RE: Bad start to year 2008/10/08 15:03:31 (permalink)
    Speaking of pictures of hunters.  About 3 weeks ago, I was down on a point looking around because I saw a big rub along the road.  Friend tells me yesterday, his boss had a camera down on this point 3 weeks and got some 'idiot' walking by.   I asked my friend to ask his boss if he got me taking a nice big poop on camera.  If so, I wanted the pic.  lol

    But seriously, pooping is a no no for me in the deer woods.. but hey I had to go.   Kinda glad I did now.  So much for that buck.  ha!

    My reports and advice are for everyone to enjoy, not just the paying customers.
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    RE: Bad start to year 2008/10/08 19:28:08 (permalink)
    I feel all your pain.  I've never had a connection for prime hunting land for any length of time.  I'm usually hunting around the house for the three or four deer that live there.  This year, I went out on the first day and saw only a button buck and a small doe (wouldn't shoot either).  On sunday, I went out to find someone (the landowners son in law) hanging up yellow signs.  Fortunately, I spoke with the landowner and he gave me permission.  Of the two prime places I've hunted, on one the property owners divorced, and the place is being sold and on the other EHD wiped out the herd.  As a result of all this, I'm very envious when someone posts, "we could shoot a doe any time we want", or "I passed on a small eight".  I'd LOVE to have that problem.
    To the guy that started this thread:  Did you consider asking for your money back?  That's pretty crappy that they took your money and then mowed the place down.
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    RE: Bad start to year 2008/10/09 10:59:55 (permalink)
    Yeah... YOU LEASED the land to HUNT, not to just hand over money. Id be ****ed.
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    RE: Bad start to year 2008/10/09 11:29:25 (permalink)
    Yep. Bings you may what to try what I did this year.

    90% of hunters are subliminally lazy. They want the easiest access to everything. They choose the closer tree for their stand, hunt the easier funnels to get to, and so on and so forth.

    Beat them, When you go to put a treestand in, walk with a saw only. This way you won't have the stand on your back and you won't see a place and think, "Man this sucks, this is heavy, I'll just sling it up in that tree." I've done this many times.

    Get in deep, find a funnel or creek or whatever it may be. Get in early too, I get into my stand at about 430-445. Most guys come at about 530ish. And push the deer to the deeper thicker woods, where I am.

    I'm a novice archery hunter at best. My mentor is an accomplished hunter. He's taught me most of this and We still have 4 stand deep ready for late season or late rut.

    Hope I can help ya!
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