Small stream Delight

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2007/05/21 23:11:18 (permalink)

Small stream Delight

Today was one of those days every one dreads, below average temps, wind and more wind.  We started fishing the delayed harvest section on the Tobyhanna Creek.  Right off the bat it looked like today was going to be the day when against all odds the fishing was going to be great.  As we walked across the steel bridge we spotted a 23-25” brown hold a few inches below the surface, which I assumed was looking for one of the sporadic tan caddis coming off.  Unfortunately Before we could spot and turn around to get into casting position we spooked a school of 3-4lb carp which sent the brown trout running to the weeds. That should have told me how the day was going to go.  An hour later we covered ¼ mile of water casting wooly buggers into the slow water and indicators into the riffle, all the time fighting a head wind and had nothing to show.  On the down stream march we had several opportunities to sight fish for feeding carp but we couldn’t get any takers.  So I decided it was time to cut our losses and spend a couple minutes in the car and make a move to different waters. I settle on a move to the Pocono creek a small little mountain stream with a healthy population of stream bred browns and wild brookies.  We ended up fishing a section right in the midst of urban sprawl and within sight of a major shopping center.  As we re booted up I could clearly see a fairly good hatch of size 14 tan caddis coming off, and a half dozen fish rising in a large pool under a bridge.  The next 2 and a half hour played out like a dream rising fish willing to take size 14 yellow stimulators and fish in every pocket and run.  The day ended up yielding 10 fish including a 18” wild brown which took the dry so gentle it was almost like it was sipping spinners.   Tight Loops and Tuck casts

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