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2008/09/13 22:14:51 (permalink)

Hunting Dog 1st Aid

So I had a little scare this evening with my lab Hank.  Had him sitting under some bushes while goose hunting, and hadn't paid him much mind for about 10 minutes and when I looked at him his whole face was swollen pretty badly.  Jowls were about three times as big as normal and his eyes were almost swollen shut.
Made a quick call to a friend who is a vet tech and she said you can give dogs Benadryl for those types of reactions.  1mg/pound of body weight.  Tablets are 25 mg, so he got 4.  Fortunately, I was at a friends house who had some and it started working in about 20 minutes and he's doing fine now.  I'll certainly keep that handy for future outings.  My guess is he was into some bad plants or got an insect sting of some sort.
Anyway, anything else first aid wise you guys pack for your 4 legged hunting buddies?  

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    RE: Hunting Dog 1st Aid 2008/09/14 09:47:13 (permalink)
    yeah,,,one of my bassetts on two different occasions got nailed by a bee, the first time she had the swollen face the second time she seemed to be paralyzed she could barely move, The second time was a rush to the vet but the first time the Benadryl came through.
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    RE: Hunting Dog 1st Aid 2008/09/14 13:15:24 (permalink)
    I always carry some EMT gel -- it stops bleeding, has an anitseptic, antibiotic, and a little bit of a numbing agent.  It works well for cuts, scraps and such.


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