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Re: Coronavirus opinions 2020/09/16 18:38:19 (permalink)
ohhhh bjj = brazilian jiu jitsu.

thought you were talking about some rasslin club or something. i was a little slow on the uptake there.

that’s bad azz man. good for you and your kids doing that together.

sitting through a three hour dance recital to watch your daughter do three or four numbers that last a grand total of 7 minutes is the absolute worst. fortunately only had to do that for a few years before she gave it up.

We dealt with that dance scene for a very short time. I will never forget the studio owner's face when we said none of our 3 girls wanted to dance. Do that math real quick... 3 girls x tuition + 4 and up costumes every year + competition money, + yadda yadda. I know a family that put 4 girls through that crap pre-k thru senior year. The amount of cash spent would have paid atleast 2 to 3 years of undergrad for sure. And when they talk about Dance Moms they ain't kiddin

Sorry to hijack the thread. It kinda went roundabout. You know how it is when you start talking about your kids.. 😁.. as you were.
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Re: Coronavirus opinions 2020/09/16 18:42:59 (permalink)
Crazy parents ruin all sports.

Good summary...I have coached multiple levels of baseball and basketball for the last fifteen years and I can attest to that.  Also, coaches who do not control their players make for a poor experience.  I have witnessed multiple ejections, a pair of keys being thrown at a referee from the top row, multiple parent/coach and parent/administrator altercations on the court mid game and afterwards.   I also saw a coach physically wrestle one of his players mid court and remove him from a game.  Something about a basketball gym = pressure cooker.  
My 2 cents as a coach is that if you are fair with the kids and straight with the parents from the get-go, the experience to be had can be highly emotional at times but always positive for everyone involved in the end.  In youth sports my mantra that I preached to the kids was always, in this order:
1.) Have Fun
2.) Work Hard
3.) Learn to play the game the correct way
If you accomplish 2 and 3 with your players then #1 ALWAYS takes care of itself.  There is so much to be gained from youth sports.  My kids are out of the youth phase but I stay connected with it in various ways.  I'm so glad the kids are back in action.  I hope we can find a way to continue to make it happen throughout the rest of this mess.  
The high school level is more competitive and the gears change a bit towards that competitiveness.  But, I still get those kids who may not contribute too much on the diamond or the floor but they bring everything to the experience.  I coached a young man last year who moved into the district to live with a foster family.  He came from a very rough background.  He worked so hard and was so thankful to have a family with our team.  He would come up to me and the other coaches after practice every night to thank us and to tell us WE were doing a good job. He didn't see the floor much but he didn't care.   What he cared about was the family structure we gave him and the knowledge and security that we had his back no matter what, in the gym and out of it.  That is what sports can offer kids and it has nothing to do with the scoreboard or the highlight reel.   It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my time as a coach.  
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Re: Coronavirus opinions 2020/09/16 18:53:36 (permalink)
hey lookit that ... sumpthin we all agree on

great stuff ldd

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Re: Coronavirus opinions 2020/09/16 18:56:40 (permalink)
speaking of fed gov cheese..

as long as the feds give the cheese to hospitals and health systems to find as much rona as they can, and further incentivize attributing deaths to rona, this casedemic will continue indefinitely long after the epidemic is over.

they were going broke when they shut down their money makers
(the myriad of elective procedures, tests and scans)
mostly empty hospitals all across America and much of the staff laid off
but you wouldn't expect  that given the level of panic porn the 24/7 media dishes out 
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