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Clint S
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Re: The garden thread 2020/09/14 19:04:47 (permalink)
Last corn was eaten and it was a little tough. Only thing left is peppers a few tomatoes, brussel sprouts and taters. Pig was 198 dressed out.

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Re: The garden thread 2020/09/14 19:15:55 (permalink)
We just had the hottest driest Summer ever recorded.
Will see what the Fall is like.
No pickable apples on my trees- all aborted or shriveled up and not worth eating.
hot tuna
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Re: The garden thread 2020/09/14 20:42:44 (permalink)
I feel sorry for wasting foods. The walkabout neighbors won't take my free tomatoes and peppers I set out front with a help yourself sign. So many are hitting the compost pile that are picked or on the vine.
Tomorrow these fresh picked will be donated to the disabled. There might be a 1 here and there for sandwiches but the new soil was brought in today to start another project area. The garlic must be planted before heavy frosts.
We are really starting to prepare for the long hunker down ahead until spring. We have over 10 dozen ears of corn either frozen and canned.
Saturday morning I'm taking kids and grandkids apple picking at our local orchard. We will make applesauce and pies.Probably pick raspberries and maybe melons.
The homestead is a 7 day week with the help I've secured.
Winter is fast approaching and I will be in full outdoors mode in limited daylight hours until spring.

My 3 hogs liveweight were 225, 215, 180.
We have plenty pork.
45 chickens in spring, 35 in October.
Cow is hanging on the hook now for 12 days.
Venison is gone and last of striper went 2 weeks ago. I'd love to get some fat gills or perch to fry but no time.
We try to maximize and waste not.
Supermarket shopping is only for products we can't provide
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Re: The garden thread 2020/09/15 19:09:56 (permalink)
I pulled just about everything too. Have 2nd batch of beans that don't look too promising, and I have some lettuce that was put in around the same time. All n all we did fairly well. Tons of pepper and pickle jars, beets did great, and we got about 40 quarts of sauce put up. Not bad for a beginner. Thanks for the tips. I've got the herb garden bricked out. Gonna get some leveling sand and try to do a semi professional job. Haha wish me luck.
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